London’s Earl’s Court

I originally visited Earl’s Court station as I am a fan of the TV series ‘Doctor Who’ and wanted to see the Tardis standing in front of the station. The year after that, however, I chose a hotel there and got to know the station a bit better. Advertisements

Covent Garden

Convent Garden was once one of London’s biggest slums, but today it’s certainly a popular spot among tourists and locals and something you shouldn’t miss when you’re visiting London.

London Chinatown

One of the prime tourist locations in London is Chinatown – and it’s really easy to reach: just take a bus or the tube to Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square, and then head north and you’ll find yourself in these vibrant streets!

Leicester square

Standing at Picadilly Circus, it’s just a short walk to Leicester Square, which got its name from the contemporary Leicester House which, in turn, was named after the 2nd Earl of Leicester

London underground

Mind the gap – a sentence every London traveller is familiar with. The tube is not just a very covenient and punctual travel method, it’s also part of what London is, perfect for tourist goods and you can even travel certain lines and follow books, such as ‘Neverwhere’ by Neil Gaiman.