Cardiff – Graffiti Artists

When travelling the world, I usually have one thing with me – my camera.


I love seeing the world through the lense of my camera, to take photos of things I think are interesting or catch my eye. Most of the things I capture with my camera are landscapes and plants. Sometimes, however, I also take photos of cosplaying friends or city life.

Last year I walked around in Cardiff when I suddenly spotted a street with lots of Graffiti. And together with the art – the artists themselves. Fortunately they agreed that I could take some photos and here they are!



The Illustrate Project began in 2009 – originally as a platform for the City’s number one aerosol and graffiti artists.

By now they don’t just paint walls – they bring life to simple children’s bedroom walls, give your car a unique look and they even run workshops if you’re interesting in having a look at how such awesome art can be created!




Thanks so much for the chance to take photos of you and your great art! It definitely was a great day to meet such amazing artists!

If you are interested in talking to them (or even want them to creatively change the appearance of your wall or car) – here is the Homepage. They also have a Twitter Account and are active on Instagram and Facebook. Plenty of ways to reach them!


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