Thailand – Koh Samui – Bophut

In 2014 I had the chance to spend some time in Thailand, on the lovely island Koh Samui.

Our hotel was in Bophut and there was a lot to discover – a lovely massage studio, good restaurants, the sea of course and the Fisherman’s village!



In this entry I am going to show you my personal highlights in this area and give some recommendations!


Koh Samui, the third biggest island in Thailand, welcomed us with a small and cozy airport where a taxi took us to Bophut. We did not only stay in our hotel, but also left it to walk around and see what the nearby spots had to offer! I am also going to write another entry about sightseeing on Koh Samui in general, but this entry is going to focus on the area of Bophut where our hotel was located at.

So, first of all the beach – visually it’s a lovely beach, but the sand itself is rather hard and doesn’t invite to walk on it with bare feet. But it’s nice to look at and a dinner near the bach is really lovely and there are a lot of options to enjoy this!


We only had dinner once in the hotel – mainly due to it being overpriced. Plus there were so many lovely restaurants nearby, it would have been a shame to not try them! Our favourite after a while was Addy’s – it had been a recommendation by locals and it definitely was good!
Never be afraid to try one of the local bars and restaurants – they offen offer good food at good prices and even though communication can be a problem, it’s a fascinating experience and a good way to see and feel more of the land and its people.

For me the food was extra non-spicy (yeah you get that, you just have to ask) – and delicious! I loved it! And I also miss it! Lovely green curry with duck and rice. But I took care to not pick anything raw, as the thai hygienic standards are not comparable to european ones. They throw their dirty water on the street and do not bother that much. But my european stomach is quite sensitive when it comes to these things – and if yours is too, be advised to take care!

Another good restaurant/café is the Karma Sutra in Fisherman’s village. Good drinks and a cool interiour decoration!

Krua Bophut was the first restaurant we tried, and while the food was really delicious, the staff friendly and the sight awesome (directly at the beach!), we did not know that TAX was extra added to the bill. It was written down nowhere, so at first we were quite surprised understandably. But if you are aware of this, head to this restaurant – it’s good!

Next is my parent’s favourite one: La Creperie de Samui.
Led by french people they offer crêpe and good coffee!

If you’re in the area there is one thing you should not miss – the statue of the Big Buddha. You can spot it really easily and it sure is big . Definitely Worth a visit. There are some small tourist shops nearby plus a guy who makes really cool metal figures! or if you’re interested!

And the last for today is the Taveeboon massage! There are of course a lot of massage options and you can easily pick another one. The girls usually ask you inside once you pass – just pick one you feel comfortable in. We tried the Taveeboon massage and were really content with the treatment, the prices and the interior. Everything was clean and we felt well cared for.
And that’s the most important thing – go somewhere where you feel comfortable in. But never be afraid to try new things and experience the world with open eyes and an open heart!


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