Comic Stores in Cardiff, Wales

I LOVE reading Comics!


It all began with Comics my Dad brought with him – Batman, Spiderman. Years later I began to buy my own comics, first in the local stores, later online as our local stores unfortunately all closed. I prefer to read Comics in English and so I try to grasp every chance I get to buy those in a store. It’s always better to talk to knowledgeable staff, touch the paper with your own hands and maybe start a discussion which cover you like best.

The first time I went to Cardiff in Wales I already found most of these stores, but back then I did not write such blog entries. So, now that I was back to Cardiff and took some photos, I decided it might be interesting to some of you as well where to buy some cool and interesting Comics in the lovely city called Cardiff.


For the first Comic store you have to walk into the ‘Cardiff Market’. It’s directly in the heart of the city, near the ‘Owain Glyndwr’ (my favourite pub!) and the Church of St John the Baptist. Inside you will find a lot of booths – offering a great variety of goods ranging from cards to fabric to fresh fruits. One of those booths, however, also sells Comics!

Bear Island – Comic Books & Games

Lovely staff and a lot of books and comics. You maybe won’t find the newest volumes here and you have to rummage a bit through the various boxes in the stall, but – you can sure find some gems there. I, for example, found a complete collection of the ‘Young Avengers’ Series (The first run) for a really amazing price!

You can also have a chat with the friendly staff or get a snack in one of the booths nearby!


The next one is for the most part a big book store. But they also offer a big Comic corner with new releases and some showcases. We bought a collection of the ‘ElfQuest’ Comic there and two new Comics.


You find these comics on the upper floor – and there’s also a lovely cafĂ© on the same floor in case you want to combine your comic shopping with a small break.


Comic Guru

Comic Guru – imagine a room filled with comics and figurines and an inflatable Dalek above you. You enter this room, it’s warm in here and smells of old paper. Then there’s a man, sitting behind some of the comics, smiling brightly, giving you the feeling as if you just stepped into a comfy living room.

That’s the Comic Guru. You’ll find old and new comics there, figures, books, CD’s, Mugs and even more merchandise I did not spot. A lovely small store I like to return to every time I am there! You find this store across the main station.

More information can be found on their Homepage

Forbidden Planet

The Forbidden Planet is a retailer selling everything a Fan could want – comics, clothes, Artbooks, figures, etc etc. The store in Cardiff has two floors, but is overall not really big. You find it near the entrance to Cardiff Castle and can easily spend some hours there looking through all the fantastic goods.



That’s it for now. Do you also have your favourite Comic stores in your city? If there are still small ones – keep them alive! They are precious!


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