Netherlands – Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the 2nd biggest city of the Netherlands and home to over 600.000 people. And there really is a lot to see!

I only spent a rather short time in this city, so I could not do that much. But in this entry I still want to present you what I did, what I saw and what else you can do there. Hopefully this will be inspirational!


You can easily reach Rotterdam, by train, plane, or bus. We chose the bus, which took quite a lot of hours and wasn’t the most comfortable one. But it was cheap and students are often on a tight budget.

In Rotterdam you can choose between a lot of hotels. but if you want to have a similar starting to point to my trip, you could choose the Hotel Emma. The staff was friendly, it was easy to find, offered calm at night, room with a good size (just a bit dark), good breakfast and it was the ideal starting point for me and my friends.

Our first day consisted of the afternoon and evening. During that time we had a good look at the central station – a nice location, interesting from the outside. On the inside it’s like any other station, offering snacks and drinks. There’s also the tourism information desk where you can buy your city ticket for the tram and bus. We bought one of these tickets for Saturday which cost us 10€. It included a city map, free travel throughout the entire city and some coupons for various locations, including the zoo, museums and restaurants. Quite a good deal for us!


Next to the central station are some restaurants, a shopping centre and lots of stores. One of those hosts japanes and anime goods,though most of them seemed to be bootlegs. Apart from that store the city hosts most of the stores you can find in every bigger city. But if you have the time to explore the city a bit further, you’re also able to find some smaller streets with interesting stores.


When you walk down the street from the central station to the hotel you will come across numerous asian restaurants and creative statues.


We chose to visit the Rotterdam Zoo Saturday which is a lovely zoo and definitely worth a look. But if you plan to go there, keep in mind that it will take you quite some hours.

In the evening we went to the Luxor Theatre.


I read a lot about it beforehand, and maybe I expected too much, but to me it was nothing really special. A nice theatre where you can see a lot of shows, but nothing extraordinary. Acoustics unfortunately weren’t the best in regards to the rock concert I attended, but I’m maybe going to write a separate entry about that one later.

Right next to the Theatre you’ll have a good look onto the Erasmus Bridge. During daylight it is quite nice, but at night when it’s illuminated it’s quite worth a look. If you have the time for it, then cross the bridge on foot and enjoy the view over the water and all the illuminated buildings!


That’s basically what we saw of Rotterdam – as I told you it was not much. But if you’re interested, there’s a lot more to see. Rotterdam’s the home to a lot of museums – there’s the maritim museum, photography museum and a lot more. If you’re interested in museums, then Rotterdam’s a city where you can easily spend days visiting these.

The people we met there were really friendly and helpful. If you’re not one going to bed early, you’ll also find quite some bars you can visit. There are also some gay bars which seemed very lifely.

You can also read about all I wrote + some more must-sees in Rotterdam in the online version of the Roaming Rotterdam Brochure.


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