Ireland – Limerick

With over 102,000 inhabitants, Limerick is one of the bigger cities in Ireland. It lies in the south-west and we went there for the River Festival.

There is a lot to do and see in Limerick, as a quick look at the homepage ( ) shows. Sure most of these are really interesting and worth spending some time here.


We, however, mainly went there because of the River Festival and, while being there, we walked around the city as well. There are a lot of restaurants, a lot of stores, but most of them can be found in any other big city in Europe as well. There were few streets which gave off the feeling of being ‘old’, most were rather modern.

My mother found a lot to shop there, but for me the only interesting spot was an arts shop. The city, overall, gave off a rather sad feeling for me. Of course this is totally my point of view and maybe I just was there being totally unlucky, but there seemed to be a lot of people without work, without any real perspective. The new bridge was empty and the river showed a lot of rubbish during low tide.


The River Festival was accompanied by rain, but that’s typical for Ireland and didn’t bother us at all. There were a lot of booths, most of them sadly selling food. There weren’t a lot of booths with interesting or creative goods but we spotted a choir singing quite formidably and, near the river, a local band playing quite good music.

For me it was okay to visit Limerick and I don’t regret having been there, but I am really not sure if we’re ever going back again. But we were also there for just one day, maybe you’ll find a lot more interesting spots and return with a smile on your face if you take some time and see more than just the city centre.



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