Thailand – Hua Hin – Food and drinks

This entry will only talk about food and drinks, showing places where we ate and maybe giving you some inspiration for when you’re travelling to Hua Hin as well!

We tried a couple of restaurants and really had AWESOME food. Price-wise it ranged from 35 Baht to 850 Baht. You can eat quite cheap compared to european prices, but in the stores which are used to tourists, you usually find a lot higher prices. In some hotels you also have to pay extra VAT and service charge, so read closely what you’re handed or you’re in for a possible nasty surprise.




One spot with a lot of restaurants is the Market Village, a shopping centre. Downstairs are some open kitchens and food for quite a cheap price. Upstairs you’ll find restaurants, and McDonald’s and KFC as well. Just note: if you want to buy food downstairs you need to buy a card and load money on it for most food stalls. The card doesn’t cost anything and can be topped up anytime.

We accidentally stumbled upon this place while taking one of the local busses towards the city centre. Fortunately there is a bus stop directly in front so we stopped anyway and simply decided to have a look.

If you take some steps down you will find quite some local booths, cheap makeup and also good food for cheap prices. There is a big Tesco inside and on the top postal service and some banks where we got our money from.




The stores inside are quite expensive for thai conditions and the prices are the same as in europe. The food options are, however, really good and we stopped by MK and Yayoi a couple of times.

Sometimes there’s even a local market in front!


Talking about MK!

We basically went in here because my mother wanted to eat some duck.

What we found was a restaurant where you can either cook your own food or choose from the menu. We tried both and both was good. The food was delicious and they offer a great variety of choices.

The service, however, differed gravely, depending on whether you get someone who understands english or not. We once got one who did not speak one word english and it was really difficult, even up to plainly rude how she treated us because she did not understand one word of what we were saying.

But the food, as said, was really good!


Another restaurant we tried on the upper floor was the Yayoi – japanese cuisine!

We spotted this restaurant while we walked through the Market Village and I thought it looked interesting, so we decided to stop there and have dinner one day.

The food was really great (that good that we came back some days later), drinks are alright. On our first stay, however, my father ordered orange juice without ice and got a glass half empty. My mum also ordered tuna salad which was never served. When we went to pay (you have to walk to the front till to pay) they first wanted us to pay for both items, but after some explanation we did not have to. Even though communication was sometimes a bit problematic due to not everyone speaking english, the service was really good and they tried their best to suit our needs.

Lovely japanese food, good service. Drinks are only mediocre, though.


A good place to have drinks is the Sky Bar of the Hilton Hotel. 

The cocktails are really great! They do not only offer the usual drinks, but some creative ones as well. The staff is really friendly and speaks good english! The view from the top is also great as it grants you a lovely sight – especially at night when you look down at the city.
The Hua Hin Night Market is well known among locals and tourists. There are a lot of food options, inside a hall, along the road. The locals will try to tell you how awesome their food is and lure you in, but take a good look at what you’re seeing and if there’s anything you don’t really like, then simply go ahead and you’ll find the next food option a couple of steps later.



 The Coffee Club in Hua Hin was my parent’s favourite spot for drinking coffee.

While my parents loved their coffee, I greatly enjoyed my Vanilla milkshake. One day we also tried some of the food and were surprised – it was really good!

The burger was great and every one of my extra wishes was taken care of. However, the chips were not always well done, but that’s the only thing that was not to our liking. Staff was really friendly, knowledgeable in english and greeted us by name after the first visit there.


If you like seafood then there’s another local restaurant I can recommend – when you are in Hua Hin and pass the Cicada Market (not to miss), you simply walk on. With the Cicada Market to your left walk on until you spot the restaurant on the right side of the street. It’s not a long walk, maybe five minutes?
The staff does not speak a lot of english, but try their best to help you!
At the Cicada Market you can have food as well, but we did not try it, so I cannot say anything about it! But the Tamarind Market, which is basically an extension of the Cicada Market offers a lot of food as well and, if you want to spend some time with the locals, get some drinks there and listen to the life music played every weekend!


Directly in Hua Hin, near the Hilton Hotel are a lot of restaurants directly at the beach – we chose the Moon Terrace because some friends told us the food there was good and for one day I wanted to try one of these restaurants near the beach.

I think it’s kind of the smallest one, and it also was quite empty when we went there. The staff was friendly, though maybe a bit too present most of the time, always standing near us, ready to take any orders. They understood english well.

The food was not bad, but we chose no fish that day, mainly because they were a bit on the expensive side compared to the rest. But my choice was tasty and my parents also were content with what they got.

I got a couple of mosquito bites but I think that comes with sitting near the water late at night.

It was a nice experience, but not a must-go-there.




The last day we went to the The Thalay Thai – we chose it because we got a voucher for a dinner and it’s on the grounds of the Hotel (Hyatt Regency Hua Hin) as we did not want to walk that far on the last evening.

The restaurant looks lovely, the interiour is interesting. We got one small card to choose from, which was quite a disappointment for us. The biggest turn down for me personally however was the fact that I ordered green curry – non spicy. They assured me it would only be very mild, but upon tasting it tears stremed to my face. So I could not eat any of it. When I told them, they simply took the curry away and frowned. Thus we had to eat another dinner outside later or I would gave gone to bed hungry. My mum also wanted to know what exactly she chose for the last course, but they could not tell us what it was apart from it being ‘without chocolate’.

Food wise the spring rolls were good. The ice cream was good as well. I cannot say anything about my main course as I could not eat it. My parent’s liked theirs, but also added that it’s nothing special.

Oh, and you also have to pay extra service charge here, so always add 10% to what you’re ordering there.



That’s it for now!

These were, of course, only the spots we tried. All in all there is a LOT more. But if you’re there and looking for some places to eat, hopefully this entry will help you find some nice spots!


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