Thailand – Bangkok – China Town

If you’re in Bangkok and don’t want to stay in your hotel late at night, but instead look for something to do which combines good food options with the chance to buy nice things and see lots of interesting buildings and booths – China Town is a good choice!




China Town is an area in Bangkok, full of shops, narrow streets and temples. We went there and originally had some sort of plan, some areas we wanted to see – the ones mentioned here. But as it were, our taxi driver brought us to Yaowarat Road and we simply walked around. Soon our inital plans were forgotten and we simply took in what we saw and I have to admit that I personally really loved it!

Yaowarat Road is a good starting point and – at day this area doesn’t look as if it’s anything special. But when you return at night, you are almost blinded by the neon signs, and suddenly all the streets are full, filled with life!



You can walk among the numerous booths – stop for a moment to grab a snack or even sit down in one of the numerous restaurants. The booths sell a lot – clothes, tourist goods, actually everything you can think of.



While strolling through the area, there are also two temples you should not ignore as they are really worth a look!

The first is the Leng Buai Ia Shrine! It’s considered to be the oldest Chinese shrine in Thailand, with guards in front who are really friendly and also urged us in. The shrine is really beautifully lit at night!


The other temple, close to the Chinese shrine is Wat Traimit. It is the home of the world’s largest solid-gold Buddha. The gold and white of the entire temple shines beautifully at night, drawing one’s eyes to it.

During daytime there is also an entrance fee of around 20bhat, but when we were there late at night, entrance was free.


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