Ireland – Tullamore

Tullamore’s a city in Ireland, but most people probably know best the famous whiskey ‘Tullamore Dew’


Tullamore lies in the Midlands, has a bit over 11000 inhabitants.



You can easily spot the Tullamore Dew Visitor Centre, which is really great. A clean building, with incredibly friendly staff. The good they sell there are really creative and not only great to look at.  The food and drinks offered are good and not too pricy. And even the toilet is creative and you can take fancy photos there.



Even if you’re not a whiskey lover, this centre is really worth a visit!


Other than that Tullamore looked a bit run down to me with lots of empty shops and houses. There are shopping centres and quite some stores. But to me the Tullamore Dew Visitor Centre really was the best about Tullamore.

We had a great snack at More@Grennans and then left to explore other parts of Ireland!



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