Ireland – Westport

Ireland is full of interesting places, and with a car you’re free to explore the country, driving from one spot to the other.

One of these places we drove to is Westport – which a local recommended when we asked for interesting spots.

We weren’t really lucky with the weather, though. It was pouring and so we didn’t spend a lot of time roaming about. We actually hopped from café to café and sometimes in between a store.


During sunshine Westport sure offers a lot more, and if you spend more than just a couple of hours there, check out this page and all the possible activities:



The city centre is full of stores, some seemed really interesting and you’ll not only find the usual chains there. We walked to the Holy Trinity Church which is a small and old church, open to visitors.



An area interesting to the eye was the ‘Mall’, with old bridges crossing over the water and trees lined alongside it. We drove around it about three times in the search of a parking spot, which wasn’t easy to find that day.



It’s almost a shame that we only spent a couple of hours in Westport, but first of all the weather was really awful and secondly a local gave us directions to an awesome place we decided to visit that day as well.


But even though I cannot tell you a lot about Westport itself, we tried out some café’s which I sure can recommend:

Christy’s Harvest

This café looked nice from the outside, so we decided to stop by and have some warm drinks to warm ourselves up. I was a bit hungry, so I asked for a ham and cheese toastie which the lovely woman behind the counter swiftly prepared for me!

The drinks were good and my snack really good as well! The decoration is simply lovely and invites to stay much longer than planned.

It actually felt a bit like sitting in the living room of your granny or aunt while being served splendidly!



And Just Baked!

When we walked through town, the weather was really awful and so we were quite happy to find a warm and dry spot. My parents drank coffee while I had a wonderful hot chocolate.

My parents spotted the cakes first and decided to try some. They were really happy with the taste and price and so I decided to take one with me back home. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t really like the taste. It was far too sweet for me.

All the cakes look well-made and maybe I was just unlucky with my choice as my parents really loved theirs. The staff, however, was so incredibly friendly and helpful and I again want to say a big THANK YOU for the travel tips! ❤



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