Ireland – Downpatrick Head

Ireland is an island, surrounded by cold waters who do not really invite me so swim in them. Visually, however, this rough sea and the coast offer something I personally really love! Cliffs!

I wanted to visit the Cliffs of Moher for years now, but when we ate the cake in Westport, one of the staff there told us about a place even better – Downpatrick Head. She showed us photos on her mobile and gave us a pretty accurate description of how to get there.

Fortunately my Dad was willing to give it a try and finally fulfil my wish to see the cliffs of Ireland!

First of all you need to head towards Ballycastle where you spot a small sign leading to the Downpatrick Head.




The road is small and you better drive carefully as there might be others wanting to use the same path and the road is not really big enough for two cars next to each other. Fortunately, however, there are numerous areas where the cars can pass each other.

There is a small parking spot from where you can walk down to the sea, but be careful as the stones are sometimes rather slippery.



Moving away from the parking area you cross through a meadow where you might even meet some sheep. Just don’t forget to close the doors behind you.



After the door you’re almost there – walk towards the seagulls and the sea crashing against the stone. There’s a world war II observation post, a statue and of course the cliffs.



The wind blows hard up there but the sight is worth the drive and the walk up there.

I was simply taken away at this awesome display of nature at its best! There are hardly any visitors, it’s free and stunning and awesome are the only words I can think of to describe this.

5 thoughts on “Ireland – Downpatrick Head

  1. wow … very nice pictures and a good report! We will for sure put Ireland on our travel list for 2017. We will follow you and hope to see and read more 🙂

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