Wales – Cardiff – City

Cardiff City can easily be reached via bus or train, but if you’re staying in a hotel in Cardiff, you probably stay near the city centre anyway.

Cardiff city is perfect for shopping and eating and simply enjoying yourself.



St David Dewi Sant is one of the shopping centres which leads directly to the other one called Queen’s Arcade. Both are not visible at first glance, but if you spot big glass doors among old buildings, then that’s probably a door to one of the shopping centres. In here you will find lots of stores, a Disney store among them. Shop to your heart’s content here, grab awesome chocolate or have a break in a Starbuck’s there. Especially when the weather is not good, this is the perfect spot where you can easily spend hours.



Cardiff has a lot of Arcades and through them you can easily traverse from one street to the other, get shelter from the rain or shop in one of the interesting stores there. Most of them are smaller and offer unusual goods.




Cardiff market is a market hall where you can buy fabric, sweets, cards, comics, and various foods. Fresh fruits are offered there as well and it’s definitely one spot you should not miss when visiting Cardiff.



Apart from shopping you can also have fantastic food and drinks here, and I am going to list you my favourite spots:


Owain Glyndwr
The staff is friendly, they have cheap offers, the food is good and the pub itself is just great. Lovely atmosphere for a nice evening with friends.

They do have live music every Saturday, and all day you can have two meals (from a list) for ~8 Pounds. And you can even rent the upper floor for free.

So, if you are in Cardiff – visit this one! You won’t regret it!



BB’s Coffee & Muffins Cardiff

We spotted this one totally by chance last time we were in Cardiff. Due to the interesting interior design, we decided to stay there for a while and tested some snacks and drinks. And woah – all tasted really great! The staff is friendly and we really like to snack there!



The Plan Cafe

We seriously love this one! The staff is so nice, polite and helpful. The interior is great and invites to stay there a bit longer than planned. The drinks are all good and the food is tasty. All is organic.

They also have daily offers.

Every time we are in Cardiff we make sure to stop by and get our lunch there!



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