Doctor Who Experience

Until 2017, fans of the Doctor Who series were able to visit the Doctor Who Experience, where they weren’t just able to shop to their hearts content, but also see lots of props and costumes used in the series.




The building itself was worth a look as well. There was a small bar, offering drinks and snacks. A couple of interesting monsters from the series were in the main hall and through a set of stairs one could enter the Doctor Who store. I have, however, noticed that the store was quite pricy and if you’re interested in the DVD’s, you get a better bargain if you buy them someplace else.

But there were some other interesting goods such as posters and T-shirts! You can buy most of them in the Forbidden Planet or Amazon as well, so fear not: they are not lost just because this store doesn’t exist anymore.



You could buy a ticket in the hall and then enter the line to the left. Depending on how busy it was, you had to wait quite long.



Once you entered, you walked into the first part of the Experience – the interactive part. This part changed from time to time and visitors did see a new video and new details. Filming nor taking photos was allowed there, however.

The other area was the exhibition hall. Here you could take photos as much as you want, and it was a perfect background if you wanted to hop into your favourite costume from the series and take some photos there.






I was there three times and I always enjoyed it a lot. It was a great instalment and just perfect for fans of the series and I’m really sad that it’s gone now.


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