Wales – Ogmore Castle and Riding

When we travelled to Southerndown from Bridgend, we passed Ogmore. I immediately spotted the castle ruins there and next to it the Ogmore Farm Riding Centre.

I love ruins and I love riding! Thus it was pretty much a given that I would return and stop there the next time!

The ruins are accessible through a small door and are free. You don’t see much of the original castle anymore, but it’s sure nice for lovers of ruins!

Ogmore Farm Riding Centre lies right next to the castle and it can be combined perfectly. I called in advance, we agreed on a time and when I arrived there they noted down my name and we found a suitable helmet for me. The horses were already ready and when the rest of the people riding with us arrived, we set out on a 2hours tours.

They offer three scheduled tracks per day:

10.30 – 2hr Trek – £40

13.00 – 2hr Trek – £40

15.00 – 1hr Trek – £25


The staff was really friendly and answered every question I had. The horses looked well taken care of and the trip to the beach and back was really lovely. I think this is very well suited for unexperienced riders, as well as for the more experienced ones.

And, after you returned, there is a small café offering delicious food just nearby.


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