Wales – Southerndown Beach

Southerndown Beach ist he right spot for you if you are a Doctor Who Fan and/or want to spend time at an awesome beach which isn’t too full!

The official name is Dunraven bay, and the beach faces the west where the gulf stream warms the water. Actually there are two beaches, which are separated by a headland on which the remains of Dunraven Castle stand. The second beach is only accessible by quite steep steps though and is not used much. During high tide it’s also easy to get cut off the steps and to strand on the beach.

The beach is heavily affected by high and low tide. During high tide you don’t see sand, just the white rocks are visible. But during low tide the beach offers a big area with soft sand and an awesome day at the beach!



Fans of the Doctor Who TV series also regularly visit this beach as it was used in some episodes. It also appeared in the TV series Merlin, but Doctor Who Fans probably know it best.

There is a small shop at the parking spot which offers ice cream and some snacks. It’s easiest to reach the beach via car, but it’s also easy to reach it via public transport – take the train from Cardiff to Bridgend. There go to the bus terminal and use the bus to reach Southerndown. You will stop in front of a pub, but the signs will clearly show you the way, down the street until you can see the ocean and then head down the way until you reach the parking spot.



And then you can see it! Just walk down and have an great time there!




2 thoughts on “Wales – Southerndown Beach

    1. The Beach is awesome for DoctorWho Fans and those who are not. The sand is really soft and every time we are there we have an amazing day =) But for Fans of the series there’s just this little extra 😉 If you go there, please tell me if he makes the connection!

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