Wales – Welsh course

During my stay in Cardiff I had the chance to take a welsh course and I am so grateful that I was able to do this!

I spotted a flyer in a tourist office and decided to give it a try. First I checked the homepage for details, about which course I should take and what it would cost.

In case you are interested in such a course as well, have a look here


It was a tiny bit complicated to sign into the course as I was sent to another place than I initially had thought I had to go to, but in the end all worked out quite fine!

My course took place from Monday to Friday, from 9am until 6pm, covering 60 hours at a price of 177 pounds. It isn’t really cheap, but the course was well worth the money! We were a small course of four people. The first week we had course a bit farther from the city centre, but easily reachable by bus. The second week we had course near the city centre, not far from the University.


The teachers were nice and the material easy to work with.

I learnt a lot more than I thought I would, and I am really sad that we don’t have any welsh courses here, so that I could not continue my studies. But I still have my books, so from time to time, I do my best to repeat what I learnt!


If you’re interested in learning about the Welsh language, I can really recommend this institute! It was more than fun to learn with you! Thanks for the amazing experince!


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