Wales – Travel Tips

If you plan to travel to Wales, here are some useful travel tips, including climate, transport, visa and some other aspects.

Wales is a part of the United Kingdom and as such the currency used is the Pound. The people in Wales speak English, and some also are able to speak Welsh. All signs are in both languages, so you can easily catch one or two words in Welsh during your stay there.

Cardiff overall is a good starting point if you want to travel to Wales. There you can easily spend some days, but also travel on and explore more!

If you want to travel to Cardiff, you can do so by plane, although most won’t land there. The other option is to fly to London and then take the Bus or train to Cardiff. In Cardiff are numerous hotels where you can stay and spend some time.



Local transport in the cities works really well and price-wise is well affordable. You can buy a ticket in the bus, or at the station or in the small ticket centre near the station.

It’s also easy to reach the more rural parts my train and/or bus, but if you want to be free of the timetables, then you can also rent a car and travel around.


Visas are not required by most citizens of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. (but I don’t know if this might change due to Brexit)
If you are from a different country, then please check this homepage:



The weather in Wales is overall moderate and similar to the rest of the UK. The weather can, however, differ quite dramatically within a short distance. Weather also changes quickly over the course of a  day – it can be sunny in the morning and then raining in the afternoon.

Most of the rain falls in autumn and winter, from October to January. Snow also regularly falls in Wales which covers the land in a lovely white cushion.

From June to August it is quite warm and the summer days are long, so that it doesn’t get dark until 10pm. Temperatures in the winter months are around 6°C and in summer it can climb up to 25°C.


There are a lot of food options in Wales overall. Ranging from local pubs to fancy Italian restaurants.

Some traditional options are Welsh Cakes, Welsh lamb, Bara Brith and Laverbread. Fresh meat and a great variety of cheese is also something the Welsh are proud of.

Food is always well prepared and if you have any allergies, don’t hesitate to ask the staff about ingredients of any special wishes you might have – all the little extras I asked for were always fulfilled!


There are hospitals in every bigger city, and there are a lot of doctors or pharmacies if you ever happen to get injured or sick during your stay there.

make sure you are up-to-date on vaccines, but the usual ones should suffice. If you’re in doubt about anything, ask your Doctor before you travel to Wales.


There is no real tipping culture in Wales. Sometimes service charge is included in the first place, which makes tipping not necessary. If it isn’t included and you liked the service provided, tip to your heart’s content.


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