Star Wars Identities

Star Wars – almost everyone knows the movies, some read the books, some played the games and some love to be Jedi or even dark Sith Lords in their free time! The Star Wars exhibition gives the perfect chance for fans to see props and costumes from their favourite series up close!

I went there with a couple of friends and was able to experience this lovely exhibition. I will now tell you what I saw, what you can do there and if it’s worth the money and time.

I visited the exhibition in Munich, Germany. It was open from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. There were some special days in October where it was open longer, and last admission was one hour before closing time.

The normal entrance ticket costs 15,95€ on Monday, from Tuesday to Friday it’s 21,95€, and Saturday and Sunday it’s 24,95€.

The exhibition was easily reachable via public transport. Just travel to the stop ‘Olympiazentrum’, exit and follow the signs. If I read correctly, the next stop of the Exhibition will be London.




Once you enter the building, your ticket is scanned and you can leave your big bag up there for, if I recall it correctly, 4€? Then you descend down the stairs where you can see prints at the end of the animated series. Before you enter the exhibition you spot some big statues which are perfect to take pictures with.

You are then given an audio guide and a bracelet before you enter the main area. The bracelet is for the interactive part of the exhibition – throughout the exhibition you can answer various questions and in the end you get your own Star Wars character. The information given in the exhibition is quite basic, but you can enter your e-mail and you will then get the rest with a complete text giving you more information about the character you chose.


The audio guide works as soon as you enter the marked area in front of the exhibits, giving you detailed background information about Star Wars, its characters and props.

Concerning the props – there is a lot! Models for Jar Jar, Druids, Joda, sketches and a lot more.



There is a small area where you can see costumes up close, but unfortunately there really is not a lot in that regard.



At the end you get the result for your Star Wars character and then advance to the merchandise shop which was, unfortunately, an utter disappointment. There was not a lot fans could buy and the prices were too much for me. But most of all I didn’t find anything I wanted – a random internet search will give you a lot more items which are also far more interesting than what I found there.


If I compare this exhibition to the Doctor Who Experience, which is similar in design – the Doctor Who Experience clearly wins. The shop is more interesting, and the exhibition itself also gives you more as you can interact with a lot of the props shown. The interactive aspect with the bracelet is a really interesting concept, and it was fun. But the rest of the exhibition was  a bit of a disappointment.

There were no props from the new movie, apart from some Druids behind a glass. The exhibition overall also was a bit short and I wonder if there isn’t more which could have been shown for that entry price which isn’t exactly cheap?

I really enjoyed being there, but once I was through I could not help feeling a bit like ‘…that’s it?’. Good exhibition, but I would have wished for more.

Also for those thinking about going there in costume – you can’t really take a lot of good pictures with the props there, so it’s probably not worth the effort of dressing up.




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