Germany – Miltenberg

Miltenberg is a city in Germany, not a really big one, situated near the river Main, filled with old buildings and a certain calm only smaller cities inherit. Why do I travel there you may ask? Because I grew up there and from time to time my parents drive to that area to look for mushrooms which I use to walk around and look at this city from a new perspective.


As a child the city was utterly boring, with the only interesting parts being the castle and the cinema. Now I look at everything mostly from a hobby photographer’s perspective and one who loves to write travel blog entries.

And for a traveller this city sure can be interesting.


I will focus on the main area and tell you what you can see and enjoy there in a couple of hours!


My starting point is the market square, with a fountain and some restaurants and stores nearby. The big catholic church cannot be missed and with it being on your right, there is an ice-café to your left which offers nice ice-cream and a good spot in the shade if you want to rest. Right underneath is a small restaurant offering fresh food.



If you walk further to the left you will enter the main area of the city with lots of shops, a bank, some more food options, the self-proclaimed one of the oldest taverns in Germany – ‘Zum Riesen’. You can buy jewellery there, clothes, minerals and much more. The shops are mostly really interesting and offer a lot more than the usual chains. Most of the buildings are rather old and have an interesting look, which can be quirky at times.



On this street is a pub as well where we had lunch. The Burger was really great, the Tarte Flambee was a bit too peppery for my taste, but overall I have no complaints about the service nor the quality of the food.



After a while you can reach another square with another fountain. And again there is a big church which cannot be missed, which actually is a cloister. If you head up the hill you can enter the Protestant church lying there. This one is rather small and the interior is simple, but while we were there the organ player invited us to the second floor where we could listen to him practicing. Next to this church is the city park which offers some calm and lush green to relax some more.  Near this area is an old Jewish cemetery with really old grave stones and remnants of the old city wall; you can take of the old stairs leading back down, or take the path you walked up to the church to get back down and see more of the city.



There are some more stores and restaurants, which in the end lead you to the ‘Wuerzburger Tor/ Turm’ (Wuerzburger Gate/ Tower) which symbolises the end of the street as well as the city centre on this side.


If you, from the market square, turn right instead of left, you enter the historic city centre. It’s mainly a lot of old facades and one brewery (Faust beer which is quite well known in the area and my Dad told me it’s tasty, which I cannot deny nor confirm as I don’t like beer) and wine cellars where you can have a tasting as well. The area of Unterfranken, where Miltenberg lies, praises itself with offering good wines and for the lovers of this, this area is perfect. At the end of this way, is the restaurant and hotel ‘Rose’ , where you can enjoy good food and some rest.



It you want to walk further, you can have a look at the ‘Sachsengrab’, but it’s a small memorial and can be easily skipped.



The last option from the market square is to advance upwards towards the ‘Schnatterloch’ where you can visit the city’s museum or walk up even further, through a gate which leads into a small forest area. Just follow the path up until you reach more gate ruins where you turn to the right and then walk up to the castle. From there you have a wonderful view over the city and almost the entire valley. You can also enter the castle, called ‘Mildenburg’ who also gave the city its name.

Inside you can either just have a look at the old building and walk along the walls, or enter another museum.

You can then descend down the stairs which lead you back to the market square.



Miltenberg can be easily reached by car, but a lot of coaches travel there as well. You can also get there by train, and then take the bus to the other side of the city. There are numerous festivals throughout the year, an historical city centre festival and the ‘Michaelismesse’ probably being the most well-known of these. If you want some action, this city is not the right destination for you. But if some calm, old building and interesting stores is your jam, then you should travel there.





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