My Munich – food

Munich is a well known city in Bavaria, Germany. You will probably find lots of entries with the perfect tourist destinations – but this won’t be one. I’m going to tell you about my Munich, and where I like to get rid of gnawing hunger!   Advertisements

Cardiff Carnival

Only a couple more days and then it’s christmas eve. Presents will be unpacked and hopefully there will be snow, or at least some cold. But it’s also the end of the year, and that’s a perfect moment to think back to the awesome events which took place in summer!  

Cardiff – Torchwood wall

Cardiff offers a lot, for tourists, for travellers, photographers find a lot of good spots and there is enough food for every taste and a shop for every quirk out there. But it also offers quite some spaces for lovers of the series Doctor Who or Torchwood, a spin-off thereof.