Cardiff – Torchwood wall

Cardiff offers a lot, for tourists, for travellers, photographers find a lot of good spots and there is enough food for every taste and a shop for every quirk out there. But it also offers quite some spaces for lovers of the series Doctor Who or Torchwood, a spin-off thereof.


Torchwood was shot in Cardiff and is a series still beloved by many. If you are not familiar with either Doctor Who, nor Torchwood – here is a brief summary: In Doctor Who an alien uses a time-machine to travel through space and time. Sometimes people join him on his travels it’s really lovely to see his many adventures.

Torchwood features Captain Jack Harkness, a character first introduced to Doctor Who. He now is the leader of the Cardiff Torchwood branch and together with his friends and comrades tries his best to save the earth from all the supernatural powers trying to run amok.


Cardiff Bay is the spot where most Torchwood Fans will gather. Because underneath their feet the Torchwood team had their secret base and visitors will sometimes see people standing on one particular stone, as this was the top of the lift leading down.

But apart from the actual filming location, there is one spot in the Bay dedicated to one of the series’ characters – Ianto Jones. Here in the bay a memorial wall was set up and up until today people go there and put up their art, their wishes for Torchwood to return or even wonderful poems.

You can easily spot that wall and as you can see, I am a fan as well and left my works there! Unfortunately they were gone the next time I returned.


But the wall remains and the next time I’ll stay in Cardiff, I will surely go there and show my love to a wonderful series!


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