Christmas market in castle Gutenberg

It’s December and December is the time for christmas trees, decoration, buying presents and of course visiting christmas markets!

I do love to visit christmas markets and Germany has a lot of them. A. lot.

Most of them, however are rather similar in design and goods offered. It doesn’t matter that much which one you visit. while the surrounding city differs a lot, the markets themselves don’t differ greatly.

Last year we drove to the christmas market in castle Gutenberg for the first time and this year we returned. It won the price for ‘Germany’s prettiest christmas market’ for a second time, if I remember correctly and this ad we saw basically prompted us to check it out.



You first have to pay an entrance fee and then you can enter the premise. If you are in medieval costume entry is free, though.

The castle doesn’t look like one of those big castles you usually visit as a tourist. And if I had not known it to be a castle, I had not seen it. But the castle itself is not what makes this christmas market a nice experince anyway.

There are a lot of booths with food, some really good, and some with the typical christmas market food. The area is huge and you can easily spend some hours there if you want to see everything.


Of course you can also buy a lot, and you will also find goods here which you don’t see a lot on other christmas markets. It’s a bit like a christmas market meeting a medieval themed market.

I especially loved the falconry booth, whereas my best friend absolutely enjoyed the whisky-tasting booth.


Of course it looks better with snow, but unfortunately we didn’t have any this year.

Entry prices range as such:
Friday – 4€
Saturday – 5€
Sunday – 6€

Opening Times:
09.12 – 11.12.  4 pm until 8pm
16.12 – 18.12  4 pm until 8pm

Schloss Guteneck
Schlossberg 10
92543 Guteneck


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