My Munich – food

Munich is a well known city in Bavaria, Germany. You will probably find lots of entries with the perfect tourist destinations – but this won’t be one. I’m going to tell you about my Munich, and where I like to get rid of gnawing hunger!



For visitors of Munich, there are a lot of food options everywhere. Just head down the main tourist street, and you will spot restaurants left and right. If you don’t have a lot of time at hand and just want a snack, just head into one of those.

But if you want to see more of the city and see spots beyond the main streets, then check out my restaurant list:

Bento Box

The Bento Box can be found in the Leopoldstraße 42, which can be reached via underground station Giselastrasse. It’s a japanese restaurant that offers good food, but it’s not exactly cheap. I had quite some birthday parties there and it’s always lovely to be there.



Dean & David

Dean & David is a chain and can be found in various places. But their curry is not bad and especially for the tight budget of students, it’s just perfect.



Deutsche Eiche

You can find this restaurant in the Reichenbachstraße 13, near the Gaertnerplatz. It’s a bavarian restaurant, and the food there is quite german. But it’s good and not overpriced. My parents really love this one and the staff is just perfect. The Gaertnerplatz and the area around it is not only the LGBT centre of Munich, but also a perfect spot to meet friends or spend a good night out.



Hans im Glueck

This is a chain as well, but apart from the amazing interiour decoration, their burgers are good as well. This is a burger restaurant, but they’re better than the usual ones. They also got options for vegetarians and vegans, and for the meat lovers among us! The restaurant in the ‘Tal’ is my favourite. Just head down, past the Marienplatz and you will find it on the right side.




This one is for burgers as well! It’s near the central station and it’s different to Hans im Glueck. A bit rougher, with only a small selection of burgers, curry and sausages.





This asian restaurant is a chain as well and it’s perfect if you want to grab lunch and be on your way only moments later. Their food is good, but it’s the usual stuff you expect from asian restaurants. There is one in the ‘Fünf Höfe’ and this area is worth a visit anyway, so while you’re there, why not grab a bite?



Mun Mun

I discovered this thai restaurant by chance and now I simply love it. Their food is really great, they also adapt to every change you want to make to your meal. It’s not exactly cheap, but well worth the price. It tends to be really full around midday, so you might have to wait for a bit.

You can reach it via the underground stop ‘Muenchner Freiheit’.



Pasta e Basta

This Italian restaurant can be found in the Fraunhoferstraße 19. It’s a cheap italian restaurant with potions that won’t leave you hungry for sure.



Killians Irish Pub

This Pub is near the Frauenkirche, a bit hidden from sight. Once you go down the stairs you will find the Irish Pub on the left, and the australian one on the right. The food and drinks are the same in both of them, but they have different specials and different bands playing there on certain weekdays. And I love this pub! Good food, good drinks!




This asian restaurant is near the Marienplatz, in one of the side streets. They mostly offer sushi, but also a couple of other dishes. The seating’s not that comfortable unfortunately and it’s not the cheapest, but tasty.





This gem lies in the Elisabethstraße 36. It’s a medieval restaurant in the cellar of a building and it certainly has a unique flair. The food is good, price wise it’s normal. You can easily spend some hours here and have a great evening with your friends!




A friend showed me this chain and I ate there a lot of times, but not so much recently. You get a card, order food and in the end pay right before leaving the restaurant. The food is more or less italian and cooked right in front of your eyes – but you have to stand in line for that. Price-wise it’s normal as well, but the one in the ‘Fuenf Hoefe’ looks really nice visually!




Victorian Tea House

In the ‘Fuenf Hoefe’ you can find a small part of this restaurant which offers snacks and tea. But if you’re in for some english food, then head to the Frauenstraße 14 near the Viktualienmarkt. It’s not really cheap, but really good, and the atmosphere is just lovely.



Honorable mentions, as this entry is already far too long, are the ‘Maredo‘ – a steakhouse – and the ‘Kleine Chinese‘, which is a chinese restaurant which offers cheap and quick food. It’s not extraordinary, but if you want fast asian food, this is a good option.



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