My Munich – drinks and snacks

Apart from the restaurants where you can enjoy a full meal, there are a lot of places in Munich where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea, have some ice-cream or get a snack if you’re a bit hungry.

Here are my favourite places for drinks and snacks in Munich!


Amorino is near the central station, in the Schützenstraße 7. They sell ice-cream and waffles. There are a couple of seats next to it, but all in all it’s just a booth selling things. The ice-cream, however, is really good and they create little flowers with it, with looks more than nice!


Café Gelateria al Teatro

The next spot for ice-cream, aming many in Munich, is the al Teatro. It’s next to the restaurant ‘Deutsch Eiche’, and you can read more about this one in my other entry covering my picks for restaurants in Munich.

You can either sit inside or outside and enjoy the ice-cream there. The staff is really friendly and you can find this one in the Reichenbachstrasse 11, near the Gaertnerplatz and the Viktualienmarkt


This booth is in the Marienplatz 8, close to the Marienplatz. They sell smoothies and crêpes and woah, I simply love them!


Lost Weekend

The Lost Weekend is a café near the LMU, in the Schellingstraße 3. I went in while waiting for a friend of mine and tried their Chai Tea, which was really amazing! I did not try any of the food, but they offer snacks, and a lot of options for vegatarians and vegans.

Meyerbeer Coffee

This little coffee spot can be found in the Rindermarkt 15, which is near to the Marienplatz. It’s a small coffee with some seats and good drinks. I love the hot chocolate there and you can also have cake and muffins there to snack a bit if you feel hungry and in for some sweets.



There are a couple of spots in Munich where you can sit in on of these cafés. They offer basic drinks and their cakes are really really good. It’s quite pricy, however, and the service has always been nothing but rude. That’s why I never sit there, but I sometimes grab a cake to eat at home.


Sip & Dip

This one is in the Damenstiftstraße 2, which is a parallel street to the main shopping street in Munich. It’s a small café and can easily be overlooked. But it’s a small gem. They offer lunch at reasonable prices, have good drinks and lovely snacks. The staff is international and a lot of business men stop there to have their lunch break. They don’t have a lot of seating inside, which is the only downside.



Yes! I am mentioning Starbucks! Because I really like their drinks. There are a lot of them in Munich, but my favourite definitely is the one near the Viktualienmarkt. The staff is incredible and the drinks are always on point!


This one is in the Reichenbachstraße 47, which can be best reached via the underground station ‘Fraunhoferstrasse’.  You can enjoy drinks and snacks here. They have really great hot chocolate! The interiour is also quite special, really vintage, old, but cozy.


Victorian Tea House

I already mentioned this one in the entry covering restaurants in Munich, but apart from the restaurant, there is a small store offering tea and cakes and scones in the ‘Fünf Höfe’, in the Theatinerstraße 16.

Really small store with about 6 chairs. But awesome tea, great scones!


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