Lago di Garda – Bardolino

Bardolino is a city in Italy, at the lake Garda and actually the one we always return to when my family makes a short trip to Italy.


Around the Lake Garda are a lot of cities, some more well known than others, some full of tourists and others are not as crowded.

All of them, though, have quirky stores, narrow streets, great cafés and restaurants and interesting buildings. In Barodlino you can walk along the lake and even come as far as Lazise or Garda on foot.

There is a market travelling from one city to the other. And while I never thought this one to be really interesting for shopping, it’s lovely to look at all the booths, try all the food and simply enjoy the lively athmosphere.

For some Bardolino is also well known for its wine.

You got the Piazza Matteotti which is in the centre of the old city. Near it is the church Santi Nicolò e Severo which is sure worth a look. When you turn to face the lake, you see the remnants of a tower which is the last remaining aspect of a fortification there.

There are a couple more churches in Bardolino and you can explore this small city to your heart’s content! Just roam around and enjoy the italian lifestyle!



And last but not least a tip: If you want some ice-cream or a good snack, then head to the Miralago Pizzeria  – Bar – Gelateria. You can find this café at the beachside, near the old tower.


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