Khao Takiab – Chopstick Hill

Near Hua Hin lies Khao Takiab, a temple with a big golden Buddha, that can be easily seen from afar.

It’s also known as ‘Monkey Mountain’, due to the numerous monkeys living there. During our stay there I spotted some monkeys, but they didn’t bother us at all. But it still is advisable to be cautious – try to not carry food with you and at best no bags which can be easily opened. And keep your distance to the animals.

They may be used to humans, but they are by no means tame.


The Hill is easily reachable via the local taxi – just jump in and Khao Takiab is actually the last stop. You exit the taxi and walk on a bit, and then you can find it on the left. First you spot some booths selling some interesting goods before you walk over soft sand, up the stairs and then you can see it already.

You can have lunch there, or buy drinks. You can also buy gems from the monks or the lovely old lady there. But don’t expect them to speak a lot of english. Conversing with them is kind of difficult, but if you’re willing to use your hands and be experimental, you can have at least some very basic conversations.

The big Buddha cannot be missed and up close it’s impressive! You can pray here or buy small golden papers which you then apply to on of the statues in front of you.

If you then get up the big set of stairs, you can find a small altar on the left before you can enjoy the view over the entire bay from the top. You can buy more self-made products there and see a statue of King Rama V.


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