Maruekatayawan Palace

Rama VI constructed this royal palace near Hua Hin and is a beautiful space for lovers of interesting architecture and Thailand’s history!

We went there by car during our one-day-sightseeing-tour. We found a local offering tours nearby our hotel, but beforehand I made a list with the areas I wanted to visit, so we did not rely on one of the offered ones.

A tip here: always haggle! And agree on a price before you get into the car. We agreed on one before the trip and payed once we returned to the hotel. You will find a lot of people offering tours, some look more official than others. Most of all, trust your feelings. If something seems off, then just go an book your journey someplace else.

Across the entry to the Palace is a parking spot and some booths with drinks and food.



Before you enter the premise, you gave to buy a ticket, though. Children pay 15 baht, Adults 30. But if you want to enter the second floor of the palace as well – you have to buy an extra ticket.

Afterwards you walk along the path until you reach a small pavillon. There you can get extra clothes for a deposit of money or your passport, in case yours knees and shoulders are not covered. This, however, is mandatory and the staff will not allow anything else!



There is a lovely park around you, and you are free to roam around and take pictures. There are also rooms filled with portraits of the royal family, telling of the history of this palace.

You can then turn to the actual palace which is just stunning. Parts of it are in dire need of renovation, however, and I hope they will not let this get any worse! The upper floor is accessible with an extra ticket, but you are not allowed to take any photos here. There will also be staff watching you as you roam around. And you are only allowed to enter the upper floor with bare feet.



The rooms there are really interesting and there are plated fille with interesting details about the history of the palace.


It’s open from 8 am until 4 pm


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