Koh Samui – Wat Plai Laem

This temple on Koh Samui is, next to the Big Buddha one, really impressive and more than worth a visit!

Wat Plai Laem is near the Big Buddha and easily reachable by car.

Apart from the two big statues, there also is a lake filled with lots of fish who will immediately jump up to eat anything you throw in. For a small sum you can get fish food and feed them, if you want to.



This temple shows the chinese-thai faith, as well as buddhistic architecture and art. Jarit Phumdonming, one of the leading artists in Thailand, designed this temple.

In the middle lies the statue of Guan Yin, being quite impressiv with the 18 arms. This Goddess is flanked by two long halls with colourful wall art showing images from the buddhist mythical history.



The other big statue is a smiling  Buddha, but the ceremonial hall is visually also more than impressive!


I loved the looks of this temple and it’s more than recommandable. There is no entrance fee, but the monks are of course always happy about a little gift.



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