Koh Samui – Wat Phra Yai – The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is maybe the most famous sight on Koh Samui. It can easily be seen from far away and even when the plane descends on Samui, you can easily spot this golden figure!


The Big Buddha lies on Ko Phan, a small island which is connected to the bigger one via a causeway. It’s easily reachable and if you want to go there, just ask a driver for ‘Big Buddha’ and they will take you there.


The temple is open during daylight and there is no entrance fee. Before visitors reach the stairs leading up to the big statue, they walk through a small market selling various goods and food. Don’t forget to haggle if you want to buy something, as the prices here are set for tourists mostly.


The big set of stairs (with 73 steps) is lined by a colourful dragon and leads right up to the 12 metre-high Buddha. Up there are a couple of other statues and a walk with bells – if you ring all of them it is said to bring good luck, so be sure to not miss this one!

The temple is, however, in dire need of renovation. So, if you can spare a coin or two, give it to the monks as it is really needed to preserve this beautiful and impressive temple. Also take note to only climb the stairs without shoes and make sure that you are dressed appropriately (nothing too short or revealing), otherwise monks might ask you to leave the premise.

This temple is rather small, but it sure is impressive. The sight from on top of the stairs is incredible and there are so many statues and little details to be discovered, you can easily spend hours here.

There is one store in particular, however, where I spent quite some time – and when you take a look at the pictures you will quickly understand why. These figures are amazing!


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