Koh Samui – Hin Ta & Hin Yai

Hin Ta and Hin Yai are one of Samui’s most photographed sightseeing spots and the market is front offers some interesting goods as well!

These rocks, the grandfather and grandmother rock stand along Samui’s east coast of Lamai. They are formed like male (Hin Ta) and female (Hin Yai) genitalia and sometimes make the onlooker chuckle or grin. For the locals, however, these are symbols of fertility and nothing to laugh about.

Next to the rocks are some areas with shallow water which are perfect to get some cool, but it’s not deep enough to really swim in it.


There is a small street leading to the rocks, and for non-locals it can be easily missed. The cars can be parked in the small parking spot before you walk through a market. They offer the usual tourist goods, but there’s also a glassblower who just amazed us with that he produced. We bought two little figurines there, but not without haggling a bit!
They also sell ‘galamae’, a thai sweet which I would really recommend to try!


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