Koh Samui – Fisherman’s village

Fisherman’s village is part of a town on Koh Samui, originally a real fisherman’s village, but today more of a tourist destination.


Fisherman’s village is on the north coast oh Samui in Bophut. The chinese lanterns you can find in the village serve as a reminder of the town’s history with china: fishermen migrated to Samui from Hainan and some descendants of these families still live and work here.
Fisherman’s village is rather small, but it’s lovely. There are a lot of restaurants and small stores. But do not be mistaken – most are there for tourists to shop to their heart’s content.


I really liked some of the caf├ęs and restaurants, but most add VAT, so count carefully before you’re in for a nasty surprise. Prices here are also higher than in most of the other streets, but it’s lovely to walk here when the sun sets and the day slowly comes to an end.


Every Friday there’s also a walking market and then the streets are filled, not only with tourists but with locals as well.


This is the perfect chance to buy food from a street market and see some performers which show thir abilities at a stage area in the middle of the market. Fisherman’s village is certainly more lively during the market and there is a lot to see and it’s really worth a visit!


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