A day in Galway

Galway lies on the west coast of Ireland and does not only offer an almost never-ending collection of pubs, but a lot streets filled with stores and a lot to see.
This year I spent one day in Galway as well, and if you’re planning to do the same, here’s a good mix of walking, shopping, exploring and drinking!

Eyre Square (eyre is pronounced like air) is a good starting point for anything you want to do in the city. It’s a big and open space, surrounding by cafés and shops. This place has a long history and originated in a medieval open space in front of a town gate. Markets took place there and the first time this area was mentioned was in 1631. Today it’s a modern area, showcasing parts of Galway’s history as well (there is the doorway to the Browne’s family home which is encased in plexiglass). The grass and seats invite to take a break there, but the big coffee express is also a good stop and the favourite of my parents.

The big street leading down to the water is filled with statues, you pass a castle and a church, and the hall of the red king which are all really worth a look.



If you’re interested in shopping, just walk around the area. In this main street, there are multiple shops, but there is also a shopping centre somewhat hidden. Inside you can also find remnants of the old city wall (and a lovely comic shop). Most stores here are, however, the usual ones you can also find in other cities.


Further down are the pubs. And there are a lot. Definitely a lot. we kind of made the mistake to pick one of the first ones. It was big, service was friendly, but food was a bit of a disappointment sadly. we later went to another pub, had drinks there, but were unfortunatly too stuffed to try any of the food which looked really good.
You can easily spend hours in thes pubs, or even easily a week if you want to try every single one of them.


But the city centre offers a good mix of culture, street music and shopping and there are a lot of restaurants and pubs to sate your hunger.

It’s not a big city, but it’s still full of life and music. I personally like Galways for its atmosphere, and well the comic shop in the shopping centre certainly is a plus 😉


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