Booking through AirBnB

For this year’s travel to Ireland, we also booked two flats through air bnb. I want to tell you how it works and what we experienced.

Okay, so how does it work?

You get yourself an account on the homepage, and once you’re in you look for the area you want to stay in. If you set fixed dates for your travel, the homepage will offer your those flats that are available during this time.
You look at all the flats you find interesting and basically pick the one that speaks to you the most. You then more or less ‘apply’ and send the owner a message, telling a bit about yourself, and then you wait. Once the owner agrees on having you stay there, the money is taken from your account. Tadaaa, you got a room/flat.
Usually shortly before your arrival, you get a note how to enter. For the first flat in Belfast I got a code for the keybox and all the important information in a private note. That, however, needs you to be online and having access to your mails. You could also ask the owner probably if they could send you the information beforehand though.
Once you’re in, the flat is yours.
The first one was a bit small for us 5, there was no toilet paper and the owner didn’t answer my notes right before the travel, but the location was really awesome. A bus stop just around the corner which took you right to the city centre.
The second house was simply awesome.
You then leave the keys where instructed and then write a note about how your chosen sleeping place was, but likewise the owner can leave a public comment about you as well. So, behave 😉

It’s a good option to have more space than a hotel room, and often you can find cheaper options than hotels. I think it’s a really good choice when you’re more than two people and want to feel ‘at home’ during your travels, have the possibility to cook for yourself and want to spend some time together.



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