A trip to Belfast

In 2017, I finally travelled to Belfast and enjoyed two days in North Ireland’s capital!

We booked a house through airbnb and this house was situated perfectly for exploring the city. It was a bit small for the five of us and there was no toilet paper, which was a bit troublesome when we arrived there after a couple hour’s drive. But apart from that – a really good spot!
We bought a bus ticket for the day which is perfect for getting around in the city. There are a lot of lines and everything is easily reachable by bus.


If you’re in Belfast for a bit longer, a Visitor Pass (http://visitbelfast.com/home/page/belfast-visitor-pass) might be perfect for you. We already noted down places we wanted to see before we began our travel, but there are a lot of signs or maps which show you what’s to see and how to reach it.

Belfast (4)
So, Belfast is a big city, where you can shop a lot, have a good time and also see some sightseeing spots. Sounds like almost every other city, right?
You will find the usual shops here and the main shopping street offers what many other cities also offer. There are, of course, some unique sightseeing spots, such as the Titanic Belfast or the City Hall. But other cities also offer great spots to see.


So why did I want to go to Belfast?
One reason was that this was the only bigger city on the irish Island where I haven’t been yet. They also have a Forbidden Planet and some Coffe NĂ©ro, my favourite coffee chain. When I glanced at the homepage, I spotted some sightseeing spots that looked really interesting, so that was an added plus.
But what mainly drew me to Belfast was its history. A history of struggles and many losses. I only knew of Belfast through texts in history books and wanted to see what kind of city it is today.
I wasn’t there long enough to really get a grasp of the situation, but on first glance everything looks neat and Belfast felt a bit like a tiny London, very british. There were, however, numerous Grafitti talking of the ‘union’ or former fighting. The people there seemed friendly, but a bit rough, willing to fight for their interests. I saw scribbled writing underneath a bridge, telling of parents throwing our their children because they’re gay, I saw a fancy shopping centre and people worried about the border on the Island.


I liked my short time in Belfast and it’s a good spot for people just interested in city trips and sightseeing, but also for those who want to learn more about a city that still has flashpoints where the fighting never seems to stop.



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