One day of sightseeing in Belfast

I only had one day in Belfast for sightseeing, and I didn’t manage to do see all of the things on my list. But here’s what I managed to see, and maybe it’ll be helpful for those Belfast-travellers among you!


At first we went to the City Hall, which is also a good spot to start your exploration of the city itself. The City Hall is open for visitiors and there’s not entrance fee, you are just not allowed to enter the upper floor. But the building itself it really worth a sight! It’s not only impressive on the outside, but the inside offers some good sights as well!


At night the building is illuminated and makes a good photo background. During the day there are free tours, and the doors of the Hall are open from 10am until 4pm. On the east side of the Belfast City Hall lies the Titanic Memorial Garden which was built around a Titanic monument and contains 15 bronze plaques with the names of 1,512 people who perished on the RMS Titanic.
Inside the east wing inside there’s a visitor exhibition stretching over 16 rooms and offers a journey through the city’s history. The exhibition itself is free, but you can hire headphones and listen to an audio tour for 3,50 pounds.

Our next stop was the Victoria Square, or more precisely the dome on top. There are multiple lifts leading up, but it might take a while until you can get into one. If you’re good on foot, you can also take the stairs up, or later back down.


It’s basically the top floor surrounded by glass so that you can enjoy a 360 degree view over Belfast. But, if you’re afraid of heights, better skip this area.

We then headed to the Albert Clock, which was erected in 1865 to commemorate Prince Albert and was Belfast’s answer to Pisa’s leaning tower. The clock doesn’t just tell you the time and looks nice, it also features a statue of Prince Albert and carved crowned lions.



From there it’s only a short distance to the Big Fish. It’s basically what the name already tells you – the statue of a big fish. It’s 10m long and the ceramic tiles imitating scales are decorated with texts and images that relate to the history of Belfast.


Now we crossed the bridge and then turned left towards Titanic Belfast. I did not enter it and you can easily spend and entire day in there if you’re interested in the Titanic. I just went near to take a photo of the iconic building.




Together with my friends I then headed back to return to the other side of the river, where we walked through the city centre, looking at the stores and some figures there. Later we turned to Belfast Cathedral, but there was a service during our time there, so I did not enter and just took a couple of pictures from outside.



On our way from spot to spot, we passed some other really interesting area which you can see here. And although it sure doesn’t sound as if we saw much, but we did not rush through the city, we took our time exploring each spot. And we also didn’t stay until late in the night as we headed to dinner to meet my parents.

Before we travelled to Belfast, I also looked for some books to buy beforehand, but none had the informations I wanted. But fortunately for me I found free and really helpful books in Belfast which told me all I needed to know and where I’d find the spots that interested me.



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