Bushmills in North Ireland

Bushmills is a small town in North Ireland and we stayed there for two nights.


We booked a really awesome house through airbnb and couldn’t have been happier with it. The house had a small garden, lovely rooms and everything was perfect.
The town itself is small and there is not a lot to see, but if you want to take a walk around, you can find a small park, spots for fishing, some restaurants and small stores. Bushmills is mostly known for its whiskey and the distillery there.



I have to admit that I have never heard the name ‘Bushmills‘ before my Dad mentioned it as I looked up towns close to the North Irish coast. My best friend really likes whiskey, so we agreed on staying in this town.
But the main reason we chose this town was the closeness to most spots that I wanted to see on the Irish Coast. And some of the houses available very near to the coast were ridiculously expensive, so we looked for something that was not too far and affordable.




There really isn’t much in the town itself, and I wouldn’t have been there just for being there. But it you want to see the north Irish Coast and are maybe also interested in whiskey, then it’s a good choice to stay in Bushmills (if you have a car, of course!).




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