In 2019 we decided to explore another new city and area in Ireland – Killarney in County Kerry!



Killarney lies in the southwest of Ireland, and it’s filled with tourists. It’s a cute town and there are some interesting stores, there’s a lovely flea market, and a lot to see. You can shop to your heart’s content, and also sit down and have a chat with the locals, who can easily tell you that ‘this area of Ireland is the best and the most beautiful’ (and yes, it’s a quote).

There are also really interesting café and restaurants, such as the Shire which is like walking right into Lord of the Rings. We only tried the café, but that one was really good!



If you’re not so much interested in shopping, there’s also a lot to do, such as Golf, Horse racing, floorball, and you can party all night.



There’s also much for the history and sightseeing lovers though, such as Ross Castle, Muckross House ad Gardens, Muckross Abbey, The Killarney National Park and of course the surrounding lakes, Killarney House and of course churches.

We slept in a B&B a bit outside of town, which was really great, but if you’re not wanting to drive around a lot: there are a lot of hotels, b&b’s right inside town, although they aren’t exactly cheap. But it’s a really nice town and I wished I had more time there.




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